Shape Mandurah is a not for profit community committee group celebrating and connecting the Mandurah community in our urban spaces, inviting places to inhabit and providing community residents with a voice.

shape-mandurahThe first stage of the project is to organise a series of pop up events throughout summer that will assist in engaging and providing a small vision of what spaces may look like permanently in the future. The events will appeal to a broad spectrum of the Mandurah community, focusing on family activities, building retail sales, growing the evening economy and creating healthy active spaces.

The purpose of the events are to trial different activities at different times of the day and identify which location the activities are best suited. We also wish to build on the existing resources by facilitating creative workshops fostering new ideas, educating the community on the benefits of urban design, place activation, place branding and community development.

We hope this will lead to new ideas, a long-term vision and confidence in planning and implementing an innovative and sustainable landscape in the CBD. Who knows…the future may see a new community garden, permanent play activities, a tree planting strategy, public art and other fresh pop up and permanent ideas built into the landscape.

In the process, we hope to:

  •  Build a community advocacy group consisting of Mandurah residents, business tenants and creative thinkers to organise events, implement permanent ideas, and help plan the future of the Mandurah CBD; and
  •  Engage and empower community volunteers with more resources and confidence in acting on great ideas, strengthening the existing capacity to undertake more regular events in the future and becoming community leaders. 

Finally, and most importantly we would love to see the community shape Mandurah as a hub of positive activation and creativity. We are here to build resources and bring people together, creating opportunities for the future of Mandurah.