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Volunteer to Shape Mandurah
Shape Mandurah is currently looking for creative volunteers to be a part of our exciting urban regeneration project in the Mandurah City Centre. The aim of the project is to use place making as a tool to connect the different streets and attract more people to visit the streets and stay for a longer period of time.
We Need Artists!

As part of the project we are looking for artists to decorate the beautiful streets for our events, activities and to improve the general aesthetics of Smart Street, Sholl Street and Tuckey Street.


We have several events scheduled throughout the summer. These will include market stalls, food trucks, live music, a play house, gift making workshops, photography workshops, youth activities, art, music and general awesome places to enjoy.

General Volunteers

We need people that are interested in being part of the wider place activation project and have the time to make Mandurah a more enjoyable space to visit. Please, if you are interested in any of our activities fill out the registration form and/or feel free to contact us at




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